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9 & 10 June 2021

ExCeL, London

Reactive Reality AG

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Reactive Reality is a technology leader in augmented reality (AR), located in Graz, Austria and Milpitas, California. It has developed an industry leading AR engine that converts standard 2D photos into accurate 3D models in a matter of minutes. It works for a wide range of objects, the processing is highly automated, and everything runs on your device of choice. The technology is unique in the market due to its scalability and realism.

Reactive Reality’s core product PICTOFiT enables online shoppers to experience products before buying through Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Users can create photo-realistic 3D avatars of themselves to get accurate measurements and see new outfits on themselves. Retailers can easily integrate PICTOFiT into existing web-shops and apps to increase sales conversion and reduce return rates or increase user engagement & loyalty.
Users can experience products in the following ways:

3D Avatar Generation & Body Measurements

Reactive Reality’s technology allows users to generate a 3D avatar of themselves with thousands of measurements on their smartphones. Our novel image-based approach makes 3D avatars photorealistic and avoids the artificial look of other technologies. Users can animate their avatars, or immerse themselves into video games, pose on a fashion runway, visit future travel designations, and track body changes.

Fashion Try-On

Reactive Reality’s technology allows brands and retailers to generate photorealistic 3D models of their products in an efficient manner, capturing fine details such as winkles, fabrics and furry material. They can be placed on product detail pages and be used for virtual try-on applications.

General Product Placement/Visualization

Reactive Reality’s technology works for all types of products including furniture, food, electronics, plants, accessories, etc. which can be used in augmented and virtual reality experiences.

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