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25th & 26th Feb 2025

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Prove Anything

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Prove Anything’s software provides cradle-to-grave product management for consumer products. Our dynamic product portals link from GS1 Digital Link QR codes and NFC chips on the products themselves enhancing customer experience, service, and engagement.

The platform operates across: 

  • Connected Packaging

  • Digital Product Passports

  • Loyalty

  • Engagement

  • Inventory

  • Tracking

  • Authenticity

  • Provenance

  • Right to Repair

Prove Anything’s GS1 Digital Link QR codes link to extensible Product Portals built sound your products.

Our modular approach allows retailers to start with a core platform and expand over time using one-click install of configurable apps. These can be selected from the extensive library or can be created to meet specific needs, by Prove Anything, the customer, or an agency.

Users can set preferences to enable allergy alerts, dietary restrictions, and language so they are alerted as required and all the data is in the language of choice wherever they are.

Since we persist the data at a granular level, no more dead links. Batch-level recalls can be achieved with ease.

Longer-life durable goods can be stored in a Product Wallet, with easy access to manuals, warranties, and spare parts, supporting EU Right to Repair legislation and DPP. We also can manage and record servicing, maintenance and repair interactions with your products over their lifetime. 


SmartLinks from Prove Anything creates dynamic portals of digital product information and engagement around your products. Connecting you with your end consumer to empower new channels of commerce, communication and customer service. 

Our solution enables businesses to comply with regulations, identify inefficiencies, optimise manufacturing and logistical processes while reducing waste.

Our Product Portals offer a number of tools to engage consumers and foster loyalty. We provide a secure and transparent platform for customers to track their purchases, view product information and access exclusive offers, competitions and loyalty programs.

With FMCG/CPG products, consumers are becoming more interested in what goes into the food and beverages they consume, whether it is for health, ethical, environmental or religious preferences.

Your customers are starting to demand and require more information about what they are buying. Our Product Portals can link to dynamic and updatable information for:

  • Origin and provenance stories

  • ingredients and allergens alerts

  • Nutrition and diet information

  • Recipes and cooking instructions

  • Localised and personalised content

  • Commerce links for repurchasing and related products

  • Engagement, loyalty, and market research

  • Push notifications for alerts, recalls, and labeling errors

  • Dynamic pricing based on use-by date

  • Shelf tags provide contextual data, based on staff or  consumer scanning

Our platform has an extensible set of apps and modules that bring your products to life, engage, inform, and connect with your consumers.

Product Wallet

Prove Anything’s Product Wallet stores ‘ownable’ possessions so consumers can access manuals, warranties, or spare parts. 

By persisting the data, you can be confident that when you need access, it will always be available. This data and ownership can be transferred to a new owner should the product be sold.

Retailers can reach out to the new owners to offer services, such as extended warranties and servicing reminders, benefiting both parties.

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