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9 & 10 June 2021

ExCeL, London

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Offering protective varnishes, film laminations, hot foil stamping, embossing and UV spot varnish.

We are a team of over 70 talented and dedicated members who manufacture and deliver over 1,000,000 self adhesive labels on rolls each and every day to brands and businesses across the UK and Europe. A leading label manufacturer who has embraced the digital revolution and produce bespoke labels on rolls digitally using industry leading HP Indigo 6800 digital presses.

Brands and companies of all shapes and sizes are utilising our system and presses to help release runs of more products, experiment with new designs and target specific customers/groups with personalisation and versioning. Digital label printing is best suited for short to medium run lengths, anywhere from 1000 labels to 500K printed labels. Digital labels require no printing plates, saving cost and time as well as any unneeded waste.

Following versatile digital label printing on HP Indigo 6800 printing presses, we have a number of label converting lines art our disposal. Custom labels manufacturing generally consists of two main processes; printing and converting. Label converting generally refers to the cutting of labels on rolls, the removal of the waste material and of course the application of any protective or aethstetic finishes.

Producing printed label proofs and samples can now be done for a fraction of the cost of a traditional `wet proof` and in a fraction of the time.

Tel: 020 8588 1080

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