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2 & 3 March 2022

ExCeL, London

iERP - Business Prediction Platform

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Sales forecasting, Next purchase predictions, Customer late payment prediction or Discount recommendation algorithms powered by AI are the main offerings of - Business Prediction Platform. Algorithms available in iERP software are enriched with external factors like economic indicators, public holidays, or COVID-19 business risk factor to increase the accuracy of predictions. The platform can be seamlessly integrated with any E-commerce, ERP, CRM, or POS system and has been developed for business users rather than for developers.

iERP helps companies to improve their sales forecasting, optimise inventory levels and supply chain operations, increase revenue and conversion of marketing digital campaigns by offering right products and services to the right customers, decrease customer churn, and improve cash flow by proactively identifying which customers are going to be late with the payments.

Tel: 00420792238078

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