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9 & 10 June 2021

ExCeL, London

SoundWedge Ltd

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Today the SoundWedge™ is one of the most powerful and adaptable solutions for controlling headphone, portable speaker, sound bar, TV, and smart home product displays at retail. Its compact all-in-one size powered by a mini-computer enables us to output superior sound and video, but also control a much wider array of marketing intelligence not seen before in stores today.

Developed by AV specialists, electronic makers, and software engineers, the SoundWedge™ switching and control system is truly next generation. No more messy cables, dumb PCB boards, power interference issues, or 3rd party components, the SoundWedge™ and PowerPlayer are internally developed to deliver a complete solution that simply works as it should. Greatly reduce your maintenance costs today with our 0.01% fail rate or get connected with our internet version and learn data points and issues with the display live.

Tel: +8618621913268

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