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9 & 10 June 2021

ExCeL, London

Product Sourcing Services

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Since 2003 Product Sourcing Services have been helping clients safely find product from the Far East. With people in the UK (Wolverhampton) and in China (Ningbo & Shenzhen) we always take the logical route of dealing with the details directly with you in the UK, and then finding factories who make the item closest to what you are looking for. There are no factories in which everything is made, the most suitable factories are those which already make similar products. This is also the least risk process.

Lawrie Elwell is your main point of contact in the UK; his background prior to specialising in product sourcing was 12 years in IT and accounts systems where the key skill was to identify what the customer wanted and to reduce risk when inevitable changes occurred. The same holds true with product sourcing, accurate specification is key and we ensure systems are in place to check everything, which makes each clients life easier.

Tel: 01902 336919

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