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Why Should I Hire an Amazon Sales Copywriter for My Listings?

So, you`ve spent all that money, time and effort to find the right product to sell on Amazon, contact suppliers, test out samples to finally start selling. You create your product listing on Seller Central, you try to fill out some text here and there and your product is finally LIVE! You wait 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 2 weeks only to get disappointed that you`re not making any sales.

So why you should hire a pro copywriter even if you`re a DIY kind of person?

1- Focus on your business - While outsourcing to the pros so you get the results you are looking for. Especially if the last thing you wrote is a text message or a tweet, do more of what you`re good at and less of what you`re average or weak at.

2- Better for your branding - if you`re serious about building a long-term business on Amazon, the copy plays an extremely important role in your brand image. You want the copy to showcase your company`s voice, mission, and vision so you create a memorable connection with page visitors, prospects and buyers.

3- Invest once and reap the benefits for a long time - Unlike PPC or any type of advertisement that needs constant investment and monitoring, an Amazon listing done by a professional will stay with you throughout your entire Amazon journey.

4- Stand out from the crowd - Differentiate yourself from competitors with persuasive copywriting that highlights the customers` pain points and position your product as the solution to their problems while answering all their questions.

5- Don`t forget the SEO! not only it`s our job as Amazon copywriters to boost on page conversion rates but it is also to improve organic traffic to your product listing by integrating the most searched buyer keywords related to your product.

6- Save time and money - Working with a pro copywriter that has written and optimized countless listings will save you valuable time since the Amazon copywriter knows exactly all the Amazon requirements such as character limits, where to add keywords, the best layouts, html coding and uses professional paid tools that help in maximizing your
listing`s potential. You`re not only saving time but also money since you won`t need to invest in paid tools or spend time learning all the processes needed.

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