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9 & 10 June 2021

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Focus Ecommerce & Marketing

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Website & Marketing Agency - Ecommerce, Digital & Brand Marketing, B2B Sales.

Focus Ecommerce and Marketing is no ordinary agency - we are a full service agency, founded with over 30 years of experience in Retail, E-Commerce, Marketing, Government and the Charity sector.

With guidance, expertise and commitment, our dedicated team will provide the tools to unlock the potential of your business. Our expert team provide a full range of services from website design, development and management through to digital marketing, social media management and SEO.

Our forward thinking Marketing team has experience in developing integrated marketing solutions which will reach Influencers, Decision Makers and Leaders of tomorrow, as well as promotional planning, packaging, in-store concepts, sales tools and corporate literature.

Focus Ecommerce and Marketing will locate, engage and produce content to suit your business requirement and maximise engagement.

We are are able to offer the ability to fully manage your ecommerce website and marketing functions, driving your business on to maximise your potential.
From building a new website to updating existing platforms, managing order processes and customer service, Planning Marketing strategies such Brands & Products, Managing Digital Marketing Social Media Activity.
Choose the full service or select the sections you need to fulfill your requirements.

Is a rapidly changing market, with new features and updates constantly being released by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat... It can be hard to keep up, or even know where to start!
â€â€Â¹Focus Ecommerce & Marketing are Social Media Consultants experts at handling social media marketing, through content generation to developing strategy on how to achieve long term goals by publishing that original content.
We'll take up the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our aim is to reach new customers online or to improve and maintain your reputation.

Most small companies shy away from developing a plan for marketing. We will create an efficient Digital Marketing & PR Strategy that aligns with what you want to accomplish as a company, how you will get there with the marketing role and the tactical strategies
you'll need to include.

We will consider your overall business strategy and we will establish your brand positioning, advertising strategy, tone of voice, brand essence, along with your name, tagline and logo, after identifying your target customer audience. We will then develop your marketing strategy for content, build your marketing toolkit / properties, implement, monitor and adjust.

In the PR world, we have an extensive list of contacts and are able to create a buzz for your brand. We create a detailed strategy that defines and delivers a strategic approach that reaches out to the channels that meet the audience by producing exciting press releases, creating pitches, event preparation, desk visits to journalists, sampling and influencer programs.

We have several years of experience in product planning, designing the full mix of marketing. We will listen to your priorities and goals, build a launch budget, define your product in depth by identifying your USP product and target audience, define your target audience, understand your distribution channels, and develop a pricing strategy, as well as drive a complete launch plan.

A proven experience of driving B2B marketing strategies aimed not at consumers but at supply chain partners. In order to acquire partners who can get your goods on the shelves and in front of customers, we will collaborate with your sales operations.
We will create marketing tools, presentations, sampling kits and pricing strategies that will allow your sales team to go into the market place and be confident.

Who doesn't love a promotion! Focus Marketing and Ecommerce loves to work on promotional/seasonal campaigns. We will create an annual promotional calendar that aligns with your brand marketing, evaluating contact platforms, defining priorities, promotional mix and messaging. By designing a situation analysis, we will assess success at the end of each campaign.

We believe in the power of words and design. Copywriting and design work hand in hand. We know together they make the most impact for your brand online and offline. Everything we do is crafted and focussed on your business objectives. Our work helps businesses to instill trust and motivates people to buy. It inspires others to like, share and recommend your products and services. We`re the people who know that your brand`s message matters in words as well as images.

Focus Ecommerce and Marketing has a wealth of knowledge in producing point of sale materials from complete in-store design, to window banners/displays, catalogues, leaflets, product displays, FSDU`s and in-store giveaways. Retail space is a premium so we will deliver on-time and on budget whatever the size of the project

If you are organising an exhibition or trade show you face a twin challenge: attracting exhibitors, dealers and perhaps sponsors; and bringing in sufficient numbers of visitors to make the event worthwhile. Having managed over 64 exhibitions in one year, Focus Ecommerce and Marketing can manage your trade show from beginning to end, including stand layout, build, design, logistics and stand management

We do your heavy lifting Business Development for you Make the customer connections to set customers and revenue streams in place for you in UK, Europe, USA and Asia, saving you the expense of offices, distributor or sales teams of people.
We have the customer contacts you need to sell your products.

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